Friday, August 19, 2011

Clean Mud

This is a Favorite of ours

Materials Needed:
1 Roll Toilet Paper
1 Bar grated Dove OR Ivory soap (only those two brands work)
Warm Water
Tub to contain the FUN!

1. Grate the bar of soap until it is all shavings into a large tub.
2. Add warm water I usually add hot water you want to melt the soap.
3. Let the kids (or you) tear up the toilet paper into little pieces
4. Add to the soap mixture
5. Add more water until the mixture becomes super light and fluffy

* I usually make this recipe times 4-6 so 4 rolls of toilet paper, 4 bars of soap etc.
** This mixture becomes better and better the longer you play with it.
*** When it starts to dry out just add more water
Mikey and some Clean Mud For a list of all my Playdough recipes check HERE


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