Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vanilla Playdough

Materials Needed:
2 cups water
2 cups Flour
1 cup salt
4 tsp cream of tartar
2 tbs oil (vegetable, canola)
Vanilla Extract

1. Mix dry ingredients in a bowl
2. Add water and oil and vanilla extract
3. Cook over medium heat or in an electric skillet until it congeals.
4. Remove from heat and put on wax paper.
5. It will be hot! Knead when it is cool.
6. After it is cooled keep it in an airtight container. This dough keeps well and does not crumble.

For a list of all my Playdough recipes check HERE

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Castle- Imaginary Play

• Princess costumes
• Knight costumes
You will need to Create, Collect, or Get Donations for the Following:

• Several Very large Refrigerator boxes painted to look like the stone walls of a castle including a drawbridge!
There is a Refrigerator/ Air Conditioner Store in Lake Forest where you can get large boxes here is the info
Phone (949) 586-3669
25741 Commerce centre
Lake Forest, Ca 92630
Hours of Operation
Tuesday thru Friday 8:30-5:30
Saturday 8:30-4:00

• Turn a few chairs into throne's
* Treasure Box
• Hobby horses maybe a rocking horse
• Crowns and tiaras
• A wishing well
* a mote- use blue butcher paper or blue plastic wrap
• Dragon
• Knight shields
• Roll newspaper into balls tape closed
* Dungeon, Blacksmith, Kitchen, Princess Quarters, Knight's Armory
• Any other ideas?

Side view of Throne Room we decided to address the wall by lining it with cardboard and creating a fireplace and wall sconces with removable torches

Our Stable
I made signs used spray glue to attach them to cardboard gave them more stability and attached them to the castle wall
Front view with mote
Wall sconces turned out amazing I love the torches made from paper towel tubes and tissue paper
Fire place made from recycled packing material
Treasure Chest and Flags
Thrones made from my childrens patio furniture. I spray painted them gold and glued jewels to them

We created a working drawbridge. We stenciled boards and nails onto it to give it an authentic look
Each of the "Watch Towers" has a door and at least one pull window (there is a loop to allow easy closure)
The Blacksmith area. My favorite there are tools and materials including horse shoes and shields to work on hammers and tongs because you can't touch the things you are working on with your hands it would be to hot with the fire.
I actually started with the lower fire and then realized when working and looking down you won't see it so I added a top fire as well.

Fireplace in throne room
Knights armory
The princess dressing room here is the shoe and jewelry area
Dresses and a full length mirror
curtains for privacy in the Princess Dressing RoomLooking out of the throne room
With Drawbridge up. Both sides of the drawbridge have a plank look.
The Dungeon while there is nothing inside I felt we needed a Dungeon. All castles have them right?

The shields in the armory
Cannon balls for war
The rope is attached by two round hooks and then again attached so that it can be closed by one child

The whole castle was made by three boxes (more were needed for accessories) The "Watch Towers were made using a washer/dryer box each and the top castle and drawbridge were a refrigerator box.

Check out this do it yourself castle

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feather Painting and Thankful Sign

The kids had the option of writing their own letters or there were premade letters available. They then threaded and tied fabric through the letters to create a sign.

They also painted with feathers they were encouraged to use both sides of the feather.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


We used Hoola Hoops to mark starting postions
this was an awesome game that was relatively easy to make.
This was a game I forgot to get a picture of there were gutters attached to a fence with a small bucket below whoever filled their bucket first won.
The kids played tons of games we made a bean bag toss game to knock down cans

A spider throw game the spiders are made of tin foil and pipe cleaners

Another bean bag toss into pirate hats
We had big boxes for climbing inside
And an obstacle coarse

A bat throw game the bats are made from tennis balls wrapped in trash bags cut like candy wrappers they turned out super cute.
A touchie feelie game

And a No Hands marshmallow eating contest

Coin toss- there are clear plastic cups glued to styrofoam plates
And fishing for pumpkins paper clips best at the end of the fishing pole to fish out the pumpkins

It was also crazy dress up day and we made a monster stew which consisted of the grossest things you could find. Above Witches slime and goblin eyes.
Adding to the stew
We used dry ice, hot water, and a tbs of laundry detergent.