Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weaving Project

I didn't capture it in the pictures but what was really cool about this project is that Mikey and Kaia worked together passing the pipe cleaners back and forth throguh the material to make a cooperative design

Materials Needed:
Onion or Potato Sack
Box or thick cardboard sheet
Duct tape or staples
Materials for weaving we used pipe cleaners, but yarn, embroidery floss etc would work great

1. Cut the sack in half so you have to sides
2. cut a hole in the middle of your cardboard so that you can use it as a frame for your weaving
3. Attach the sack material to the box with staples or duct tape (we used duct tape)
4. Start weaving we used pipe cleaners but use whatever material you have on hand


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