Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sensory Table- Sea/ Ocean

The kids sorted some of the sea creatures
We originally had just rocks on the bottom but Kaia and Mikey decided we needed sew shells
Kaia decided the octopus liked eating the yummy scallops
She liked matching up the scallop shells to close them up again
working hard

The kids loved this water table it was so much fun to set up. It kept them busy for hours
Mikey's Octopus
Our sting ray Kaia named Spot

One of the inside bins looking in
Mikey using the tongs to grab the ocean critters
We started with just rocks on the bottom but the kids decided we needed shells
Mikey with his tongs he liked pulling out the crabs and arranging them differently using the tongs


Heather62 said...

Where did you get this great table? It looks perfect for older kids.

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