Sunday, April 15, 2012

Favor Tin Magnet Exploration

I made a fun magnet game that is perfect for preschoolers. I put items that were both magnetic and non-magnetic in different tins. The tins themselves are not magnetic so they do not interfere with the items inside.
My kids love this game. Kaia made her own rules so items that are not magnetic go face down and items that are stay face up.
I love that you can see inside and the magnetic wand shows the movement of magnetic items within. Some people use muffin tins to store this game but I found that it interfered to much so I prefer a bin or basket to house this game instead.
You can find these tins in the wedding favor aisle at Michael's Craft Store make sure to save the Sunday coupon.

Here is a list of items I put in the tins:
embroidery floss
colorful paperclips
iron nuggets
pencil grip
fiber fill (stuffing)
metal washers
easter grass
plastic stones
metal balls
metal clips
foam pieces
magnetic barbel
metal keychain
colorful metal ball
glass stone
metal wall clip
metal nuts
colorful metal chips
metal butterfly clip
jingle bells
counting bear
metal screw

I hot glued each container shut. It was not easy you have to work quickly and be careful there is not much room for glue.


Molee said...

This is such a great idea! I can't wait to try it out with my little girl!

Amie (Triple T Mum) said...

Stopping by from Triple T Mum.Thank you for linking this post to the Kids Co-op! Pinning to the Weekly Kids Co-op Board.

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