Monday, April 9, 2012

Sensory Table- Water Beads, Light and Feet

We added water beads to the small water table. I did not anticipate the foot exploration although I do see the appeal and we went with it.
I had little water proof lights the kids could shine into the beads to explore the translucency and color
We also had a sifter
For scooping and exploring the beads

Mikey started out with his hands but the draw was to strong he had to use his feet
I have a basket hanging for our slime exploration it worked great for the water beads too though
Light. beads and bugs
It all started with these stretchy bugs they were on sale with the after Easter stuff for 50 cents a pack so I had to think of something fun to go along with them. And then I thought water beads. What a winning combination.


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