Friday, September 30, 2011

Crayon Rubbings

Materials Needed:
material for crayon rubbing i.e. leaves, templates etc.
** make your own template**

1. Find material you would like to create the rubbings of it can be a found object like leaves, flowers, bark or something premade like stencils or templates
2. Place the leaf or template under the paper and take the crayon and rub across until the rubbing shows through
3. I have found that paper like construction paper or cardstock works better than thin paper like office paper.

**Make your Own Template**
Use a glue gun to create an image or pattern on cardboard or cardstock
you can then place a paper on top and use it as a crayon rubbing

You can make any image you want to go with any theme you like

Even Names or alphabet letters

Layering works great use one board and then use another with another color.


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