Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ribbon Streamers- Music and Movement

We decided to make music and movement ribbon streamers. It all started because my friend Angela gave Mikey a present wrapped in this beautiful blue thick satiny ribbon. I knew I had to use it for something so I came up with this super simple and fun craft.

Materials Needed:
lighter( for sealing the ends of ribbon)
Hair band

1. Cut your ribbon to the desired length
2. seal both ends of the ribbon by lightly gliding the lighter past the ends you will see a change in the ends. This prevents fraying and will make the streamers last longer.
3. Fold the ribbon over the hairband and sew closed. I used a sewing machine but you could easily do this by hand.
4. Enjoy playing spinning and dancing with your new ribbon streamers!

My kids love these!
I made these for Kaia and Mikey
I used the lighter to seal both ends and then folded some ribbon around a hair band and sewed it closed
For the classroom I left the streamers simple. I want them to be more durable and to last through many uses by many children. I don't recommend using the iridescent sparkley ribbon I used for my kids streamers for a classroom it is really pretty but frays quickly even when its sealed.


Amie (Triple T Mum) said...

Stopping by from Triple T Mum. I am looking forward to making these. Thank you for linking this post to the Kids Co-op! Pinning to the Weekly Kids Co-op Board.

Robin @ Sweet Tea Classroom said...

I'm blogging about movement and learning on my Kid's Co-op post tomorrow. I plan to feature you! Robin @ <a href="> Sweet Tea Classroom</a>

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