Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bell Sticks- Musical Instruments

Materials Needed:
Stick of some sort (I used an old pinata stick and an old PVC pipe)
Saw for cutting
Lighter (for sealing ends of ribbon)
Sand Paper

1. Cut the stick you are using to the appropriate sizes (I cut mine 6-8 inches)
2. Use a drill to drill a hole through one end of the stick
3. Sand the bottoms and over the area where the hole was drilled to make sure everything is smooth and safe
4. Cut ribbon to the length you like and seal the ends. Lightly pass the lighter over then ends you will see a change this prevents fraying and makes the finished product last longer.
5. Pass the ribbon through the drilled hole. Tie knots on each side of the hole to keep the ribbon in place.
6. Attach bells I put the bells close to the stick end not towards the bottom of the ribbon because I did not want anyone to get hurt while they made music
Of course they pulled the tissue paper off of all the sticks made from the pinata stick. I expected that. I considered it part of their fine motor development. Plus it meant I did not have to do it!


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