Sunday, October 2, 2011

Theme Painting

Materials Needed:
Thin plastic (I used the tops to cool whip containers)
Handle (I used the cap to dried out markers
Marker or pen
hot glue
container to hold paint

1. Make your template I decided I wanted to make apple prints- without using real apples ( we were all out)
2. I drew out my template on a piece of paper first with a marker
3. Once I got it to look as Iwanted I cut it out and then used the paper template to trace the image onto the plastic lid. I then cut the image out using scissors
4. I then used hot glue to attach the "handle" (marker cap) onto the plastic apple cut out
5. Place your template in the paint and let the kids make prints

Variations: You can use this model to make prints of anything you want you can make cars, animals, sea shells, really anything!


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